Policies & Procedures

  1. Activities

    Activities initiated by the Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc. for its members have priority over any outside events or projects.

  2. Charitable tax Receipts

    Charitable tax receipts may be issued for all monetary donations made to Stepping Stone Senior Centre for $10.00 or more. Charitable tax receipts will not be issued for food or drink donations to the Centre.Charitable tax receipts for all donations must be signed by one of the following members of the Stepping Stone Senior Centre: the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer or the Chair of the Finance Committee.With reference to “gifts in kind”, the Stepping Stone Senior Centre should be aware in advance that a “gift in kind” is being offered and should be reviewed by the Finance Committee prior to acceptance.

    If the donation is a brand new item, a charitable tax receipt can be issued for the amount shown on the receipt which must accompany the donation. If the donation is not brand new, before a charitable tax receipt can be issued the item must have an appraisal completed by a qualified outside source to give it a fair value for tax receipting purposes or for value received if auctioned off by the Centre.

    If a charitable tax receipt is to be issued for a “gift in kind”, the Stepping Stone Senior Centre will issue a cheque for payment to the donor, based on the original receipt being presented or an appraisal value, and the donor will then sign the cheque back to the Centre. Or the donor may cash the original cheque and issue a new cheque to the Centre and the Centre can then issue a charitable tax receipt for the donated amount of the cheque.

  3. Code of Conduct

    1. The Centre maintains a zero tolerance for violence of any nature (physical, verbal, etc.)
    2. Any incident in violation of this policy shall be reported to the President and, if need be, to the proper authority
    3. The President and Vice President shall conduct an investigation of the parties involved in any dispute or violation of this policy and report their findings and recommendations to the Board
    4. Appropriate remedial action will be taken for any proven violation of this policy and may include revocation of membership in the Centre and attendance at any program provided by the Centre.
  4. Emergency Plan

    There is an Emergency Plan in place which is easily accessible by volunteers at the Reception Desk. The plan is reviewed annually by the Facility Committee.

  5. Friends of the Stepping Stone Senior Centre

    General – The Friends of the Stepping Stone Senior Centre program was established in June 2012 following approval by the Board executive, the responsibility having been delegated to the Finance Committee by the Board at the June 2012 BOD meeting.

    Objective – To raise funds for the operation and administration of the Centre by encouraging all members to make a tax deductible charitable donation to the Centre.

    Description – The Friends of the Stepping Stone Senior Centre program will run annually and contributors will be given the option of being recognized or remaining anonymous. The program is broken down into 4 categories reflecting a range in charitable donations from members or others wishing to support this program:

    • Companion $10 – $99
    • Supporter $100 – $249
    • Patron $250 – $499
    • Benefactor $500 +

Recognition will occur at the Annual General Meeting and will consist of an attachment to the President’s annual report and a plaque with names of contributors by category who authorized that they be recognized will be unveiled by the President. The categories will not reflect the dollar range on the report or plaque.

A letter will go out to all members of the Centre from the President of the Board preferably early September when membership numbers are peaking and members have returned from summer holidays and ready to re-engage in Centre activities.

The letter should re-emphasis our charitable status and hi-light those areas where donations can make a difference. A description of the program will accompany the letter with a tear off section to be completed by the contributor with personal details, amount contributed, and recognition preference. This tear off section is to be retained at least until the next AGM.

An annual register will be maintained and treated confidentially listing all contributors, amount contributed, date, recognition preference and receipt No.. Receipts for tax purposes will be mailed out to contributors or passed to them directly on a visit to the Centre accompanied by a letter of appreciation signed by the President.

  1. Fundraising

    1. The Board shall identify and explore potential sources of funding for the Centre.
    2. All Fundraising proposals for or with Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc. must be brought to the Board for approval prior to announcement and implementation.
    3. When the Centre is holding a sale, no sale items will be set aside or sold prior to the scheduled day and time of the sale.
    4. Members who do kitchen preparation, clean and/or serve at Centre events will not have to purchase tickets and, if applicable, will be provided with a meal.
  2. Grants

    The Board may apply for grants from outside funding agencies as well as Provincial and/or Federal Governments where it is beneficial to the Centre and not beholding to the funding source. Applications shall be completed by the President and Co-ordinator.

  3. Handling Complaints/Concerns:

    When a member of the Stepping Stone Senior Centre has a substantive complaint regarding a program, course or the behaviour of a facilitator, the coordinator or another member of the Centre, they shall address the issues as follows: The complaint must be stated in a verbally responsible manner (verbal attacks are unacceptable – refer to Code of Conduct)

    1. Related to Programs: Discuss the concern directly with the Program Facilitator, if not result expected, contact the Chair of the Program Committee
    2. Related to Members/Committee Chairs etc: Discuss the concern directly with the individual involved, if not result expected, provide a written complaint to the President
    3. Related to the Coordinator or Summer Student: Discuss the concern directly with the individual involved or in the case of the Summer Student with the Coordinator and/or Chair of the Personnel Committee; in the case of the Coordinator with the President
    4. Related to the Facility: Contact the Coordinator and/or Chair of the Facility Committee
  4. Hours of Operation:

    1. The Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 4:00 p.m. for regular programs/events.
    2. The Centre may be open for designated programs in the evening and/or weekends as authorized by the Board.
    3. The Centre will be closed when District 18 schools are closed on storm days. The President will make the decision re closure on storm days during school breaks.
    4. The Centre will be closed on all Government statutory holidays.
    5. Any additional closure hours will be determined by the Board.
  5. Keys

    A current list of key holders with contact information will be maintained by the Facility Committee and a copy kept at the Reception Desk. Individual key holders will sign for the keys and will have separate codes for the alarm system.

    All key holders will return their key when it is no longer required. Copies of these keys will not be made.

  6. Membership

    1. All adults fifty (50) years and over may join the Centre
    2. Each person must be a member to participate in the Centre’s programs However, sessions such as the Forum, Coffee and Conversation and most fund raising events are open to the general public as determined by the Board.
    3. Guests may participate in the activities of the Centre for a period of two consecutive weeks without taking out a membership
    4. The membership dues are established at the annual meeting for the membership year January 1 to December 31
    5. The membership dues, at present, are $20.00 per year
    6. No dues will be collected for the current year after November 11
    7. No person shall be denied membership in the organization because of inability to pay. The decision to grant membership in such circumstances will be at the discretion of the President or the Co-ordinator
    8. Everyone is required to sign into the Centre on each visit.
  7. Non-Smoking/Scent Free/ No Alcohol

    The Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc. is a non-smoking facility; there is no smoking permitted on the property. The Centre promotes a scent free environment. No alcohol is permitted on the premises.

  8. Parking

    Designated parking for Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc. is in the parking lot on the side of the building closest to O’Dell Avenue. However, public parking is available between the Lawn Bowling Club and the Centre building.

  9. Petty Cash

    1. Petty cash may be provided to the Centre Co-ordinator or Committee Chairpersons upon request to the Treasurer and with approval of the Board. The amount of petty cash shall not exceed $200.00 and must be reconciled at the end of each calendar year.
    2. Committee Chairpersons shall have authority to purchase and/or to commit the Centre to pay for materials, supplies and services in the amount of $200.00 for each purchase. A purchase which is expected to exceed this amount shall require prior approval of the Board.
  10. Photocopying

    All photocopying must be recorded on the usage record provided. Cost of photocopying for personal use, is 10 cents per copy, single or double-sided.

  11. Programs or Courses

      1. Instructors of programs supported by the Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc. for which a fee is charged, will be required to pay a (program) facility fee equal to twenty percent (20%) of the fee per participant per course
      2. All programs, without an Instructor, where a fee is charged to participants, shall remit all funds, exclusive of routine/ongoing expenses, to the Centre.
      3. All programs must have a facilitator on site. Unsupervised activities will not be allowed
      4. All requests for storage of program equipment shall be directed to the Facility Committee
      1. Proposals for new programs or courses with a complete outline of the program or course must be submitted on the form available from the Co-ordinator who will bring it to the Program Committee for consideration
      2. All programs or events that involve the use of the kitchen facilities must be reviewed by the Social/Entertainment Committee
      3. All programs or events that are to be advertised outside the Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc. must go through the Communications/Public Relations Committee
      4. When the sale of tickets is involved, the Co-ordinator will prepare the tickets, set up the procedure and provide instruction for the volunteers who sell the tickets
    1. A sheet “Information for Program Facilitators” is available from the Co-ordinator and includes the following:
      1. Set-up and clean-up of the room
      2. Collecting fees for the course or program
      3. Facilitators shall provide reasonable accounting on a regular basis for fees collected and monies paid out.
      4. Preparing tea, coffee or water and reminding participants that a donation is required.
      5. Washing the cups and glasses (removing lipstick & stains) running them through the dishwasher/sanitizer and putting them in the cupboard/on the cart.
      6. Increases in the program fee will be recommended to the Board by the Program Committee in consultation with the Finance Committee
  12. Rentals

      1. Rentals shall not interfere with the Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc. programs
      2. Rental space will not be available to for-profit organizations, businesses or individuals
      3. A rental contract will not be confirmed until a volunteer with a key to the building is confirmed available for that date and time. The volunteer will be responsible for unlocking the doors, dismantling the alarm, ensuring that everyone has left the building following the event, locking the doors and setting the alarm.
      4. Renters will be given two (2) months notice prior to the end of the contract should space not be available for the following rental period.
      5. Rentals shall be arranged with the Co-ordinator or President. If neither is available, pertinent information will betaken by the volunteer to be presented to the Co-ordinator or President. A  contract will be signed and will be confirmed after the master schedule has been checked
      6. Any exception to the following policy regarding fees must be pre-approved by the Board
        R3 – $50.00 for up to 4 hoursC6 – $40.00 for up to 4 hours
        C1 – $35.00 for up to 4 hours
        L6 – $35.00 for up to 4 hours
        L7 – $25.00 for up to 4 hoursSaturday and Sunday $100.00 up to 4 hours with an additional $25.00 for each hour over 4 hours to a maximum for $200.00 per day. (with use of Kitchen)
      7. Rental space will be available for Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc. members for their personal use at fifty percent (50%) off listed prices
      8. Increases in the above noted rates will be recommended to the Board by the Facility Committee in consultation with the Finance Committee
      9. Notice of room rentals will be included in the Centre’s brochure and listed with the City of Fredericton.
    1. Responsibilities of Renters
      1. Payment must be made on or before the rental date
      2. Groups reserving space are responsible for their own set-up and take-down. They must leave the facility in good condition and ready for the next group unless other arrangements have been made with the Co-ordinator
      3. Renters are responsible for the safety of participants and ensuring they have left the building.
      4. Equipment or supplies cannot be stored at the Centre
      5. Any damage to the premises caused by rental groups must be repaired at the expense of the renter
      6. The Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  13. Senior of the Year Award

    Annually, in December, the Nominating Committee will solicit nominations for Senior of the Year. The nominee will be a recent member of Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc., who has demonstrated a commitment to the Centre through his/her involvement and/or leadership.

    A “Nomination Form” will provide the Member’s Name, a brief write-up on the nominee with reasons for the nomination and signed by the nominator.

    The Nominating Committee will decide from among the nominations who will receive the Senior of the Year Award. A person will not be constrained in winning the award because he/she has been a previous winner.

    The Nominee will be recognized by having his/her name added to the Awards Plaque. This Award will be presented at the Annual General Meeting by the President.

  14. Training

    The Coordinator shall take part in WHMIS Training as well as Defibrillator and CPR Training. In addition it is beneficial that some active members of the Centre be trained to use the Defibrillator and have up to date CPR training. The Centre shall cover the cost of such training.

  15. Travel Expenses

    Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc. will, upon application, pay travel expenses of volunteers and/or employees who are requested by the Board of Directors or Executive to travel on behalf of the Centre. It is recognized that to use one’s vehicle there are overhead costs as well as the actual cost of gasoline; therefore a rate to match the City’s current rate will be paid for such travel. Should the travel necessitate a meal, the reasonable cost of the meal accompanied by receipts will be reimbursed,

  16. Ticket Sales for Fundraising at Special Events

    A lottery license must be obtained from Service New Brunswick, which includes 50/50 draws. All tickets for draws shall be numbered and include the Service New Brunswick Licence or Permit number. The Co-ordinator will keep the volunteer at the Reception Desk informed as to the procedures for collection of monies for the ticket sales.

  17. Volunteers for the Reception Desk

    Procedures for volunteers will be established by the Coordinator and made available in the Reception area. Annual orientation for volunteers will be conducted by the Coordinator with assistance of the Executive, as required.

    The main responsibilities of the volunteer for the Reception Desk is to answer the telephone, respond to inquiries from individuals seeking information concerning the activities of the Centre and accept money for membership, program fees, sale items, etc. In the absence of the Coordinator and/or the summer student, the volunteer will ensure everyone has left the building at the end of the day, and may be required to lock the doors and set the alarm.

    In the absence of the Coordinator and/or the summer student, a member of the Centre who has been assigned a key will unlock the doors and dismantle the alarm and may be required to lock up at the end of the day.

  18. Work Experience – for Student employees, Interns etc.

    1. student applications submitted to the Co-ordinator for employment at the Centre shall be brought to the Personnel Committee or Chairperson for discussion and processing
    2. if acceptable, candidates shall be interviewed by the Co-ordinator and the Chairperson and/or a member of the Personnel Committee
    3. if not accepted, the Co-ordinator shall advise the applicant
    4. if accepted for employment/internship, the applicant shall be advised of required dress code, duties, time keeping (breaks, cell phone use), evaluation procedures etc.
    5. if issues arise after hiring, the Co-ordinator shall notify the student/intern verbally on the first two occasions; a third occasion will be brought to the Personnel Committee and a written incident report completed for the file with the possibility of dismissal.
    6. If the student/intern has any issues with the Co-ordinator and/or any member of the Centre, these shall be brought to the Personnel Committee.
  • Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc. is a Registered Charity, and tax receipts will be issued for donations and bequest upon request.