Dear Stepping Stone Members.

Thank you for all of your effort and personal sacrifice in following the strict guidelines we have faced in our battle with COVID 19!

It’s because of these efforts to prevent further infections combined with the vigilant efforts of Dr. Jennifer Russell and her public health team in detecting and treating infected persons promptly that we have maintained such a low infection rate. Our New Brunswick stats, as of this writing,  stand at  118 total cases in New Brunswick, 111 having recovered, 7 days of no new cases, and  NO DEATHS to date!

It certainly goes to show us how the publicity engendered by all authorities to enlighten and inform has allowed for concerned businesses, workplaces, recreation venues and our population in general to observe vital instructions.

So very much of what we are experiencing has been unprecedented for most of us. Stepping Stone, for one, has promoted social gatherings with recreational activities and information sessions for 20 years. Shutting the doors suddenly on March 14 after having been ordered to desist from gatherings and to practice social distancing has been a tough move for most of our over 800 members. On a positive note, we, as the aged group, (many of whom with various impairments) have been able to assist in preventing a much more dire situation from evolving.

As difficult as it is to face, we are unable to even estimate when Stepping Stone will be permitted to reopen, however, in the meantime, we are making every effort to remain in contact with our members through email (and by phone to those we were unable to reach). As soon as we are permitted, we will be reopening with the same vigour we had before COVID 19!

I’m attaching the Provincial Government COVID 19 recovery phase 1 guidance sheets for your info. (This phrase does not affect our ability to reopen.)

I leave you with this: Just as seeing the sun peek through the clouds after a long rainy spell, we too are starting to see the light peeking through this gloomy situation!.

Thanks again to everyone for their efforts.

Ephrem (Ephie) Carrier


27th April 2020


  • Stepping Stone Senior Centre Inc. is a Registered Charity, and tax receipts will be issued for donations and bequest upon request.